New York Times Engaged In Spectacularly Unethical Activity

Real Science

The New York Times did another hit piece on Willie Soon, for shooting down Michael Mann’s Fraudulent hockey stick. Nothing new about that level of McCarthyism at the New York Times. They have long behaved exactly like everyone they claim to hate.

But look what else they did. The day before the New York Times published their article, some NYT insider sent this E-mail out to a large list of well known skeptics, which was hacked from a skeptic’s E-mail account

ScreenHunter_7357 Feb. 22 08.24

ScreenHunter_7359 Feb. 22 08.28

Apparently some New York Times insider is engaged in Internet hacking, identity theft and making threats. The newspaper’s goal is to silence dissent, because they are a propaganda organization.

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