Insomniacs are Brilliant

I think I figured it out. The same people who bash religion have taken up the religion of CAGW. It is basic human nature to feel guilt and fear and want to mitigate that feeling, to matter. By driving a Prius or separating your trash you are not making a real difference in the stated problem. However, it makes you feel less guilty that you are doing your part of the “solution” and can say you are now one of the cool kids and are educated on the problem. The vilification of skeptics is similar to the witch hunts and pograms that all religions have in their history for apostates. Doing your “part” is like going to confession. If you went without power for 2 days a week and used no resources you would be more believable in your zeal and it would give insight into how a world without power would be to live in.

More and more former alarmist scientists are changing their views. Climate change is a fact and climate constantly changes. It is a dynamic and self correcting system that we evolved in and are capable of adapting to. Denying power to poor nations is criminal. Denying the benefits of western civilization to poor people is life and death for them. Power generation is the key. It is now cleaner to produce, no matter what fuel is used and air and water quality is excellent in western nations. There needs to be a balance in views. The real agenda is frightening. Depopulation and control over all aspects of life is the goal of the 1% and the socialists are helping them get that control. Books of fiction have showed this cautionary tale many times but we refuse to listen.…/how-much-of-atmospheric-co2…/…

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“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts” – Richard Feynman

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