Boiling the Frog

If you take a frog and put it in a pot of cold water and then heat the pot slowly, the frog never realizes it is in peril until its too late.  That is how I view our country today.  We are the frog in the pot.

We are now the weakest we have been since pre-WWII.  Our leaders fear their own people more than our external enemies. They have lost all sense of history and insight into human nature.

The German people were not monsters that desired genocide and world domination until they felt oppressed and fell under the sway of a madman. These madmen use human nature to make the governed feel oppressed and desire to make it right regardless of the methods, morality or forward thinking that allows for planning for unforeseen consequences of their policies.

We are in danger of a repeat of the German situation.  Our leaders are polarizing the nation.  Black versus white.  Muslim versus Christian. Atheist versus religion. Rich versus poor.  Pick an issue and the politicians polarize the populace.

When one group feels they have been wronged or pushed too far and they react to the goading, more freedoms are lost because those that goaded them say, “See, I told you so.  We need to do something about these crazies.”

Stalin felt that anyone that disagreed with Communism was mentally ill and sent them to Siberia for reeducation, or simply removed them from the gene pool.

We do not learn from history.

All politicians are guilty of this. A misguided desire to make the world into their image or simply a desire for power over others.

We need a leader who shows the correct amount of restraint in changing the greatest nation ever built.  We must be feared by those that would harm us and begin to show patriotism and solidarity to the world.  Political correctness is a nail in our coffin. We need to see the world as it is, not as we wish it was.

I have not yet seen this leader. We need to reset the country.  Not based on religious or racial preferences but on unity and using religious philosophy to maintain our humanity.

No one can argue that the ten commandments are a bad thing but since they come from a specific religion, are demonized. All religions have the same philosophy but implementation is the problem. Most don’t love their neighbors for example.

More to come……………


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