Wiping your Butt with a Hoop

Maybe I am too thick to understand. The progressives want open borders, higher taxes, less free speech, no guns, free everything.  Open borders ensures an endless supply of cheap labor and a drain on social services yet the unions back the progressives. Higher taxes mean higher prices for goods because the manufacturer is not going to eat that cost. This is what I call the wiping your butt with a hoop syndrome. Costs go up for everything, the public is busy demanding wages go up while calling for more free stuff, while costs go up to compensate. When oil was $40 a barrel gas cost $1.25. Now at $40 a barrel it costs $2.25.  Why?  Because the oil went down after people paid $4.00 a gallon without too much complaint and as soon as it went down again, the feds and local governments upped the taxes to pay for their free stuff. After all, $2.25 is a deal after paying $4.00.


Understand this, governments do not produce anything and corporations do not pay anything.  All costs are absorbed by the taxpayers and consumers. Our politicians are supposed to manage and balance the need for services against the cost. It, however, has degraded into a shell game to move costs around and derive benefit to the individual politician and their constituents who maintain the politician’s power base.


The average person today does not understand any of this. They jump from one crisis to another and since they do not understand why things are like they are demand “justice” which seldom does not screw someone else. It makes them feel good and distracts them from the corruption that has seeped into the process.


We live in a bucket with many holes. We keep trying to fill the bucket and patch one hole while causing more holes.


Politicians have two jobs. Manage the budget and look out for the people’s interests. They do neither.  They look out for their own interests and can’t manage a checking account.  How many are economists? They are mostly lawyers sprinkled with uneducated or greedy individuals who derive a lot of personal benefit from their positions. Look at their salaries versus their annual net worth increases and you will see that net worth grow disproportionately with their salaries. Look at the poorly thought out laws that require lawyers to sort out.  The fox in charge of the henhouse. Lawyers will always benefit other lawyers.


We need an overhaul of priorities.  The education system has ensured that the average person has no interest or knowledge of these issues. I fear that we will degenerate into mind numbing socialism and freedom will cease.  Natural selection is part of the science that progressives love to quote but they fight to remove that from society. We were better off when saber tooth tigers ate the dumb, lazy and slow ones.  


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