Get a Grip


Prior to the election results the left was so confident they had the electoral college in the bag. They believed this because all the major bastions of leftist power were in the biggest cities. This is why the electoral college was implemented. To prevent these enclaves from dictating to the majority of states. It was to level that playing field. It was to prevent the tyranny of the majority. It gave all states a voice regardless of population density and gerrymandering. It strikes me as hypocritical that the left is now whining about being cheated when they held all the cards going into the election. The GOP, the media, Soros and all the high visibility social media was against Trump and he still prevailed. Sucks to have total power, which you leftists demanded, with someone you don’t like. It was ok when you were in the drivers seat. Give the new guy a chance. Nothing is perfect but being human is to continue to strive for that perfection.

Any thinking person realizes that the left has botched so many things in the last 30 years.

Foreign Policy:

  1. Iran Nuclear Deal; The left believes that all nations should b on an equal playing field.  This is delusional.  Clinton gave North Korea the same basic deal as Obama gave Iran. Look how that turned out. The fallout will be felt for many more years once the little tinpot dictator has a tantrum and nukes one of his neighbors.  Iran is the biggest threat to the middle east and wishes to control the world through Islam. We will have many conflicts with them in the future.
  2. Iraq and Afghanistan; The early and well publicized withdrawal with the timeline was the biggest blunder in modern memory. You never tell your enemy what you plan to do. You also do not abandon the losers to their own devices.  What did they think was going to happen? Whether the wars were justified or necessary is not the issue.  Once we committed we took on the responsibility to succeed. Epic failure.
  3. Libya; They had already accepted the demands the US and world had put on them to get out of the nuclear and biological warfare game.  They were providing valuable intelligence on terrorist organizations and were basically no threat. They were an easy target for the bully.  Look at Libya now.
  4. Our allies; Telegraphing our disdain for our allies is unconscionable. The allies we have had for decades always temper their policies and support because we have an election every 4 years and are not consistent in our foreign policy or commitment to actions taken by the previous president.  This causes chaos and mistrust.
  5. Cuba; Removing the sanctions and giving Cuba status is myopic in the extreme. They have not changed.  They were disparaging the US as Obama was kissing their behinds. This also disrespected all the brave Cubans who fought and died as well as the refugees who took extreme measures to escape Cuba, and are still escaping.
  6. Syria; Commit or get out. Russia saw this as a golden opportunity to reassert themselves in the region and make us look like idiots. Not our dog, not our fight. Making bold statements about crossing the line and then not acting on that line crossing shows weakness and lack of honesty.
  7. Refugees; The true refugees do not want to come here.  The right way would have been to make a section of their own countries a safe enclave and protect them there. How many middle eastern countries have offered to take them?  ZERO.  Why?  Because they are a threat.

Domestic policy:

  1. Obama care; Take away the competition, enact regulations that drive up medical costs, pay for people to get insurance who don’t want it, make 90 year olds have a birth control plan, it goes on and on.  What has the government ever done in the private sector that has succeeded?
  2. Gun Control; From the very beginning of Obama this has been a theme that guns are bad and people who have guns are potential criminals. Its not the guns that are the problem and alienating 100 million Americans was not the smartest move.  This is one that backfired on them hugely. It is an Inalienable right to protect yourself and taking that right away is not a good idea.
  3. Internet Freedom;  The current push to ban “fake” news feeds is not a good idea.  It leaves the government to decide what is fake and what is real.  Also abdicating the control of content to the UN was just stupid.  We protected the free speech aspect and would not use the controls that are now being requested.
  4. Education; We have no education system. We have an indoctrination and test learning system.  No critical thinking allowed. Case in point;

    Anti-Trump Protest Speaker: ‘Make the NRA Regret Giving Us the Right to Bear Arms’

Moving Forward:

  1. Remove all of Obamas unlawful edicts.  He is not the emperor.
  2. Keep surrounding yourself with smart people.  Listen to them critically and do not compromise your principles.
  3. Remove religion totally from government.  What I mean by this is do not restrict someone from displaying or talking about religion but using religion to shape policy. If you wish to have a bible on your desk, no issues.  If you spend all your time preaching instead of working, get another job. The ten commandments are not a bad thing but not everyone follows these religions. Tolerance for all religions as long as the practice does not violate our constitution.
  4. Safe enclaves for refugees in their own region.
  5. Secure our borders.
  6. Revise the tax laws to encourage job growth and self sufficiency.
  7. Negotiate trade deals that are advantageous to our country and give good value to our trading partners.  No protectionism.
  8. Obama care; repeal and replace with a competitive free market solution.  Uninsurable conditions could be subsidized by the government but the criteria should regulate the industry to not play the system and set the guidelines so they only profit.
  9. Defeat cyber crime. This is an unacceptable condition. The DOJ help is laughable.  Hire hackers.
  10. Bring back patriotism. This will be the hardest task. Our universities have been subverting the young for 60 years.
  11. Transparency; Do not lie to the people.  Understanding that secrets are necessary, do not lie to achieve a policy.

Mr. Trump, you have a huge task ahead of you and I support your success in achieving these tasks. Be assured that the left will now unbag their bag of tricks and it will be a hard fight. It will be tempting to go hard totalitarian on them but resist this natural urge.  You can’t fix stupid and the power mongers will not easily go into the night.



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