I have noticed a trend lately that is disturbing. Its not exactly new but seems to be becoming more prevalent and accepted.

When the media gets caught in a lie, they don’t back down, but continue to repeat it as if it is truth. Most people do not take the time to research an issue so whatever they hear becomes their truth.

An example is Trump is anti-Semitic. This one has always puzzled me because Obama did everything in his power to destroy Israel. Trump has reaffirmed his support for our best ally in the middle East, yet the Jewish vote goes almost exclusively liberal. Hitler was a leftist who believed in big government controlling the lives and economy of his nation because he knew better what people needed. Sort of like modern leftist thinking.

The leftist infatuation with Islam also puzzles me.  Why support a culture that wants to do nothing more than enslave you or kill you? Women and gay rights in Islam is non-existent but our feminists howl at the slightest hint of a western man disrespecting them or their views. The recent Milo controversy shows that because he had conservative views and was against leftist ideology, his suffering as a victim of child sexual abuse is discounted. It is well documented that victims often become sympathetic to their abusers.  An example of this is an abused wife who stays with her abusive husband and defends him rigorously. A Muslim woman defending the very philosophy that abuses her as a human being and treats her as chattel is another example. Milo said some things better left unsaid but if he was a leftist ideologue, he would have generated a huge amount of sympathy and support. His life treated him badly and he is obviously affected by that treatment. He does show that being damaged psychically does not necessarily affect your intelligence or your usefulness to society. He needs help with some of his issues but, as a smart young man, will rebound and he has shown where his passion and drive in life is. I wish him well and look forward to what he accomplishes in the future. It is unfortunate that support for LGBT folks is only predicated on politics and what they can get you as far as votes. Life also has a messy side and everyone has their own set of demons and stories.

My latest least  favorite person is Chuck Schumer. This sleaze ball should be locked up for sedition. Opposing the president at every turn, repeating lies, stating lies and challenging Trumps mental fitness is childish and traitorous.  If you disagree with a policy there is a way to make that disagreement without resorting to gossip and school yard bully tactics. You are flailing Chucky and it will only get worse unless you grow up and start acting like an adult.

One statement about racism needs to be made. Illegal is not a race. It is a state of being.  If you are Polish, Mexican, Irish or whatever, you are a criminal if you are here illegally. Because Mexico has the best access to our country it makes sense to build the wall. If Mexico was Poland it would be no different. America has always welcomed immigrants but has never simply allowed anyone to immigrate. All we ask is you do it legally. Because progressives were so slack on enforcement in the past is why you have the communities of non-citizens that have been here for 20 years. You have to start somewhere and just like a strict parent who puts his foot down and demands good behavior, Trump will be demonized by the children on the left. I have a challenge.  Anyone that can prove they are not a racist will get me to register as a Democrat.  This is patently impossible to do so when you accuse someone of racism, it no longer has any meaning. All humans have their own perceptions of anyone who is different than them. Get over it.

Racism is hot topic that will never be solved until people realize that by hiding behind it as an excuse for failure and not allowing honest discussion, it will perpetuate forever. When a white or black person says that they hate the other because of “X” and are shouted down or invalidated, nothing changes. Both races have stereotypes built into their heads and these stereotypes need to be discussed and reality exposed to make them irrelevant. It boils down to the leftist convincing everyone they are victims and its not their fault they failed.

Victimhood is tearing us apart. That something is not your fault happens but deal with it and move on. Dwelling on failures and not moving forward is a killer of mind, body and spirit. Support in tragedy is humanitarian but support should put people back on a track to success, not become an industry that relies on a steady flow of victims to ensure the supporters success. There is big money in perpetuating victims and if the victims become self reliant they no longer need the supporters. This translates to political power for a “supporter class”.  The Social Justice Warriors. These morons will oppress everyone in the desire to “help” victims who don’t need their kind of help. Searching for micro aggressions, triggers and such is like wiping your butt with a hoop. The shit never stops and you can always find something to whine about or accuse someone of.

Why do people have guilt? Guilt is part of being human, it allows us to be social by having guilt if we do someone wrong. Unfortunately, we are creatures of instinct more than we admit and some are adept in using that guilt against us. Believe me when I say everyone is tortured by guilt. However, the SJW’s use that guilt to push people to have even more guilt and some self destruct. Utopia does not exist and humans will always be humans. We have not figured ourselves out and we do some bizarre things. The hypocrisy is stunning.  Banning speech in the name of free speech and democracy for instance.  Our colleges are part of the propaganda arm of the left.

Now Keith Ellison, Muslim Farakhan follower and anti-Semite may be leading the DNC.  Funny how Trump is blasted as an anti-Semite when a professed anti-Semite is ok because he is on the left. The left is doubling down on fringe groups hoping the Alinsky philosophy of tearing down organizations works.  Its the only way they may win, by rising from the ashes of a ruined world.



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