I am concerned Boiling the Frog (part2)

diegoboiling the frog 

I am concerned as should every thinking person whether right or left or center.  Look at 2 things.  1) History and 2) who is drawing all the attention.


No rational person can really believe that fringe groups should set the bar on how we govern and how we run our lives. It has become apparent that lifestyle and social theory has become the bible that is running our world. We humans are instinctual creatures, more than we care to admit.  Our intelligence, I sometimes feel, wars with those instincts and causes us to act irrationally.  We wish to make the world friendly to our world view. This translates into the desire to control the world and make it utopia for what we feel is the right or only way to be. This also makes us easy to manipulate.


Point 1) History.

Through out history leaders have used the easily manipulated as shock troops to gain and hold power. Whether they push an agenda of religion, racism, sexual orientation or utopia, they find enough followers to truly believe in their vision.  Stalin, Hitler or Alexander the Great, it is all the same principle.


I will use Hitler as an example.  Hitler played on needing a scapegoat of why Germany was in decline and the Allied powers played right into his hands. Without the Treaty of Versailles Hitler may never have been in power. The treaty unmanned Germany and was intended to prevent Germany from ever becoming a threat. Look how that turned out.


Hitler used the Jewish people as a scapegoat to focus the anger of the German people and give them a reason their lives were so miserable and their economy failing. He used the weak minded as his shock troops, aka the Brownshirts and the SS.  Once he felt that he had achieved the goal of power and was firmly entrenched, these useful idiots were purged.  The reason the true believers were purged was they were dangerous to the regime which now had to make their empty promises reality and they could revolt. It is a method of securing power.


Stalin did the same.  16 million Russians died in his purge which was not all useful idiots but Russians who defied him in some way. Securing power by destroying your opposition.  Mao did the same. Pol Pot as well.  Genghis Khan scorched the earth once he conquered.


The point is this, it has been the same through out human history. Destroy and purge those who may become a threat to secure your power.


Point 2)  How it relates to today is the Left has been using LGBT, African Americans, Latinos, feminists, animal rights groups, environmental groups and the list goes on, to be their shock troops and useful idiots. Each of these groups may have valid points that should be considered but have allowed themselves to be suborned to the Left.  They are being used. Once power is secured, the promises become empty. African Americans and Latinos have been voting Left for years and are no better off.

People who disagree with these leftist groups mostly just want to be left alone to live their lives. Most do not care what you do in the privacy of your own self or home but do not want to be subject to having your lifestyle as the prominent focus of everything they do. However, these groups are not content to be left alone.  They want power and attention because they truly believe they are right and everyone should be like them.


This causes the Leftists to become enraged that the stupid people can’t see their vision, which causes a backlash from those who just want to be left alone.  Then the politicians get involved and stir things up even more by promising a “voice” to the fringes.  They now have recruited their shock troops. As long as these fringe groups are getting attention and promises, they will be good cannon fodder for the politicians. The Left and Right use these tactics to varying degrees.  Look at some of the elected politicians that are stood up in front of the cameras to make wildly irrational statements.  They are the useful idiots that can be easily controlled by the party leadership. Guess who gets purged once power is assured?  Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the works. The Leftists just doubled down on stupid to keep everything stirred up.


One thing that has become abundantly clear, we are failing as a species. The only way we can survive is to have and meet challenges to our survival.  If things become too easy we go off into lala land and believe our own bullshit. Make no mistake, the fringe does not want equality, they want control. What they don’t realize is that they are in no position to take that control and will be manipulated into more and more aggressive action until the backlash occurs. This backlash will be from the Right who has its own pool of useful idiots.  That backlash will be taken as the Left was right.  The Right is homophobic and racist.  Push anyone too hard and they will fight back.  The Leftists pushing the guilt will only go so far.


People are polarized right now and it will get more dangerous as the Left is marginalized more and more as people become wise to the game. Political correctness is killing us as we can not have a good argument without coming across as being mean to someone.  You can’t solve anything if you can’t have an honest argument about it. My thoughts are mine and if speaking them offends you to the point you want to kill me rather than argue me over to your point of view, we are lost. 




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