A Suggestion for health care

A suggestion for the health care debacle. Insurance is for protection against a bad thing happening. It spreads the cost amongst many to offset an expensive uncommon occurrence.  Pre-condition coverage is like buying insurance to cover an accident you already had in your car.
My suggestion is this, and its not a perfect solution but is more fair, everyone that has a pre-condition should be on a Medicare like program for that condition. That takes the expense out of the private insurance pool and would lower costs for those that work to stay healthy or were lucky enough to be naturally healthy.
Program and Medicare fraud should be closely monitored and not run like the VA disaster. Privatize it and incentivize it to provide good care without the pitfalls and corruption that plagued the VA system. Government does not run things well or efficiently so this would be a challenge but may stop the objections and abuse of insurance and emergency rooms.
The real way to change health insurance is get rid of fraud and do tort reform. If you bring about a fraudulent claim, the loser pays all costs and legal fees. Real malpractice should be heavily punished but this has become an industry for the lawyers. All of this drives up costs and doctors are forced to do endless tests to ensure they did due diligence rather than be doctors. Costs can come down but needs the will to succeed at it.  The fraudsters will not want the system to change because they are adept at milking that cow.
Please comment if you have ideas in this regard. The above would be like single payer for the people that genuinely cannot get coverage but as a society we should help those and not burden society with the system as it stands which is inefficient and corrupt. And its not just the system, the recipients are also to blame in many cases for the abuse and fraud.
It is not the governments job to provide these services but they are needed.  If there was a financial incentive for private industry to provide this type of service, it would not be an issue.  But since it is a money loser, government will need to be involved or there will be no service and then people will truly suffer. People also need to take responsibility for their own health where possible and elective procedures should be under private insurance.
More at a later date as I am still thinking this through.

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